Container Growing a Gerbera Daisy

A Gerbera daisy is a member of the sunflower family. It is known for its brilliant colors and its daisy-like appearance. These plants are originally from parts of the world that are warm and humid so their care will require similar conditions. There are many advantages of growing a Gerbera daisy in a container including the reduction of benzene in the air and increased flower production.

Supplies for Container Growing a Gerbera Daisy

There are several basic supplies that you will need to grow a Gerbera daisy in a container. First of all you will need Gerbera seeds, a basal cutting or a crown division. Next you will need pots in a variety of sizes. Finally you will need sandy soil, a weak liquid fertilizer and a glass topper or plastic.

General Growing Tips for Gerbera Daisies

To remain healthy your Gerbera daisy will need warm temperatures year round. Ideally you will need to manage temperature control so that they are exposed to temperatures between 61 and 70 degrees F during the day and between 56 and 65 degrees F at night. These flowers also need consistent soil moisture to thrive. This means you need to keep the soil moist at all times during the spring and the summer when they are in full bloom. During the months between November and May you can reduce the amount of water that you give to your Gerbera daisies slightly. It is a good idea to provide your Gerbera daisy with liquid fertilizer every other week. Finally, you need to make sure you provide your Gerbera daisy plants with well-drained soil and pots.

Growing a Gerbera Daisy from a Seed

A good way to start a Gerbera daisy in a container is to grow one from a seed. Gerbera daisy seeds need to be fresh in order to propagate. The best time to plant the seed is in April. The seed will need a constant soil temperature between 68 and 75 degrees. A soil heating pad can be used to maintain this temperature if you want to plant your seeds during the winter months. After planting your Gerbera daisy seeds you will want to cover the pot with either a glass cover or a plastic cover. This will help to keep both the heat and the moisture content steady. After the seedlings sprout you can move them to their own 3-inch pot.

Growing a Gerbera Daisy from a Cutting or Crown Division

In addition to growing a Gerbera daisy from a seed you can also grown them from a basal stem cutting or from a crown division. In these cases you will want to take the cutting or the crown division and give them a quick dip in a root growth hormone. Then you will plant the cutting or the crown division directly in a container with sandy soil. Again cover the planter with a glass or plastic cover.

Dividing Gerbera Daisy Crowns

As your Gerbera daisy grows it will eventually need to be repotted. During the repotting process you can divide up your crown and expand your container collection of gerbera daisies. The best time to repot your Gerbera daisy is in April before they start flowering. Make sure when you repot your daisy that the top of the crown is not covered by the soil, and make sure you remove any dead leaves or dead flowers. Finally, keep your Gerbera daisy in the shade for a couple of weeks to give the root system a chance to establish itself in the new container.