Container Growing a Zinnia

What You'll Need
Container with Drainage Holes
Zinnia Plants

Zinnia is a sun loving plant. For the most part, it's very low maintenance, it doesn’t have special soil requirements and doesn’t need much water. The most you need to do is to remove old flowers so new ones can blossom. The Zinnia you plant in containers should be a small or medium variety. This will help prevent overcrowding.

Step One: The Container

Because Zinnias love the sun, they are an ideal plant for a window box. The bright blossoms light up the side of the house. They also do well in pots and other containers, as long as they spend the majority of their time in the sun. When you purchase a container, know how many Zinnia plants you wish it to hold. Be sure that the container has drainage holes. If you wish, you can paint your container for added color.

Step Two: Drainage

Place a layer of gravel on the bottom of your container. This will help water flow out of the container without the soil leaving as well.

Step Three: Soil

Add soil to the container and pack it down slightly. Don’t fill the container all the way to the top. Place the Zinnia plants into the soil and finish filling the container. Water the plant to help stabilize the soil and establish the roots.

Step Four: Flowers

When you plant the flowers, keep the height of the flowers in mind. The taller flowers need to be in the back or used as a center. Otherwise, they will hide the smaller plants. There is no particular color scheme to follow when planting the flowers, just mix and match a few of your favorites. Over time you may develop perferred color schemes. You may also choose Zinnias that match an already existing theme.

Step Five: Seeds

If you are starting your Zinnia from seeds plant them at different times. If you plant seeds every few weeks, you will have a constant stream of new blossoms.

Step Six: Care

As the Zinnia grows, pinch off the old blossoms. This will encourage new blossoms to take their place. Picking blossoms at the height of their maturity will have the same affect, and the flowers can be used as floral arrangements to decorate your home. Consistently water Zinnia, but do not give it too much water. It will be quite happy if the soil is dry sometimes.

Step Seven: Placement

Zinnia is happy as long as you give it plenty of sunlight. They can be placed on the west side of a house, where they will get afternoon sun, or in the middle of a sunny courtyard. If you place them inside, be sure they will receive lots of natural sunlight. This will help them bloom.