Contemporary Corner Fireplace Designs

People planning to improve the aesthetics of their living rooms should be acquainted with corner fireplace designs. A corner fireplace is a recommended addition to create a tasteful focal point in the home. Even simple-looking living rooms seem progressive if they are adorned with a stylish, corner fireplace. Corner fireplaces are a bit different from conventional fireplaces. Their mantel and overall presentation is along one corner of the wall, in a diagonal fashion, needing lesser space than conventional (centrally-located) fireplaces. The position of these fireplaces ensures that a considerable amount of wall space is saved. Traditional fireplaces cover a significant amount of wall due to their flat, central location. This is why some homeowners prefer corner fireplaces for their space-saving attributes. Some popular, contemporary corner fireplace designs have been listed below:

Metal & Glass Corner Fireplaces

Metallic corner fireplaces are a fashionable fireplace option and those that incorporate glass panels are truly an exotic addition to the living room. The use of metal and glass panels ensures that such fireplaces are suited to most kinds of home décors, as glass/metal surfaces have a neutral appeal and easily blend with most surroundings. These are retailed in various sizes and offer amazing ease-of-installation. Some degree of customization is also possible in certain models wherein the glass/metal panels can be interchanged or chosen in varying shapes at the time of purchase.

Peninsular Corner Fireplaces

Peninsula-shaped corner fireplaces are recommended for homeowners who wish to establish the fireplace for purely aesthetic reasons, planning to use it as a visually-engaging addition. This fireplace has all its three sides created from fashionable choices like textured glass. Peninsula fireplaces protrude from the corner of the wall to a larger extent than other corner fireplaces.

Bay Corner Fireplace Designs

Bay corner fireplaces are similar to peninsula fireplaces but they possess different attributes. These fireplaces aren't as attention-grabbing as peninsula fireplaces. They are recommended to people wanting to use the fireplace to complement the décor of their room or serve as the backdrop for other decorative installations. More significantly, bay fireplaces have a non-uniform extension, i.e. two out of its three, protruding sides are shorter that the third side. This creates a slightly angular look. The less imposing nature of bay fireplaces means that they can be installed in any room of the house, including master bedrooms and the living room.

Beehive Corner Fireplace Designs

Beehive corner fireplaces are also called Kiva fireplaces. These are considered the most conventional choice in the corner fireplace niche. The traditional form of Kiva fireplaces are an extension of the walls, i.e. a distinct, fireplace installation is missing. However, this option is rather rare now. The more contemporary styling among beehive corner fireplaces includes compact fireplaces with neutral shades that are best suited for homeowners who prefer subtle additions in their décor. Another recent addition to this niche includes the use of fireplaces made from pre-fabricated, masonry materials that are preferred for their lightweight nature and ease-of-installation.

Contemporary Corner Fireplace Mantel Options

Homeowners can choose from a large range of mantel designs that include mantles with minimalistic styling and those with exuberant designs. Options include wooden and natural stone mantels. Further, some people choose to create an assembled look. For instance, a wooden mantle can be bordered with faux bricks. Similarly, cobblestone or fieldstone mantles can be adorned with a polished wooden platform to create a slightly rustic look.