Contemporary Desk Chair: A Modern Home Office Look Contemporary Desk Chair: A Modern Home Office Look

As more people telecommute and work from home, a contemporary desk chair makes work more comfortable. These chairs give a home office a modern look and the feel of being in the office without actually being there.

Types Of Chairs

Most contemporary desk chairs have a swivel base, which allows you to freely turn in different directions. This is convenient if your home office design includes a desk and credenza. The swivel design allows you to move easily between the two furniture pieces without having to get up. These chairs come in a variety of colors and styles and can have a high or low back.


Many chairs feature the same ergonomic features found in offices including lumbar support and massage features.

If you will be spending long hours in your home office, looking for a contemporary desk chair that is adjustable, has lumbar support, and will accommodate different desk heights easily will give you the most flexibility and comfort.


Contemporary chairs range in price from $100 to $1000. The more expensive chairs are designed by famous designers such as Herman Miller, and are ergonomically correct, providing excellent lower back and arm support. However, you do pay for the designer name. The price ranges vary widely based on the materials used, how exclusive and unique the design is, how trendy the brand is, and what designer produced the chair.

You should expect to spend just over $100 for a good chair that provides adequate support and complements your home office.

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