Contemporary Fireplace Screen Design Trends Contemporary Fireplace Screen Design Trends

With advancements in technology, contemporary fireplace screen design has come a long way. Thanks to improvements in style and design, it has evolved from just being a fireplace cover to an artistic work of art. Necessary to prevent sparks from flying around your living room, a fireplace screen can now also dramatically enhance the look of a house with modern designs and improved aesthetics.

Contemporary trends in fireplace screen design are simple but elegant. The materials span from cast iron to stained-glass, and each type can add a new spark to an entire room. Stained glass fireplace screens are best suited for formal or traditional settings, and for a really innovative change, try placing a candelabra behind the screen for an interesting touch. 

For a purely contemporary look, choose chrome, steel or pewter. The designs on these types of screens often include ribbons and flowers, with hand-cut stained glass, clear beveled accents and elegant patterns. Textured clear glass in a wisteria fireplace screens–made up of stained glass gracefully framed in decorative filigree–can perfectly suit floral-inspired rooms.

Whichever design you choose, you can find a way to add a contemporary touch to your fireplace design.

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