Contemporary Garage Doors: Creative Considerations

Having contemporary garage doors is a great way to add style and flair to your home. Below are some of the latest and most unique options to consider for your garage door.

Unusual Materials

A door made with a single, unusual material can provide a striking contradiction to the rest of your home. A contemporary garage door made entirely from glass, steel, or even an interesting plastic can be a simple way to modernize the look of your home.

Unusual Combinations

One simple way to create a contemporary garage door is by combining unusual materials. For example, a door combining aluminum and glass, wood and steel, wood and copper, or wood and zinc will provide a sleek look that compliments a home with more contemporary architecture.

Unusual Architecture

Traditionally, garage doors are made by repeating twelve or eighteen-inch square panels. For a contemporary garage door, consider thinking outside of that traditional box. Consider creating panels that stretch vertically from floor to ceiling or horizontally across the door. Adversely, consider creating a door that does not emphasize panels at all.