Contemporary Guest Room Bed Designs

To create a contemporary guest room that your visitors will love, start with the bed. As the focal point of your guest room, it should provide plenty of style and a modern flair. 


Platform beds are comfortable, spacious, and extremely contemporary. Platforms earned their name for the large, wooden shelf that runs around the base of the mattress. Choose a dark wood tone for the platform and cover it with a solid, brightly-colored bedspread. Top it off with 2 to 3 pillows for a modern, symmetrical look. 


For an extra-modern bed design, try a simple frame without a headboard. In its place, add large pieces of artwork highlighted with spot lighting. Another way to make a headboard-less bed complete is to line square throw-pillows in a bright hue against the wall. They will take the place of both the headboard and the standard-sized pillows, and they will keep your bed looking modern and clean. 

Head and Foot Boards

The opposite theory works as well--try using both a headboard and a foot board. Again, be sure to use dark wood tones, and select a headboard and foot board with clean lines. Keep the pillows to a minimum or the bed will end up looking too plush and cluttered for the clean contemporary style you want.