Contemporary Home Design Remodeling Tips You Haven't Heard

Home design remodeling involves many different considerations, from style to energy efficiency, to accessibility. There are some contemporary products and methods that you may not know to help in the design process.

Choosing a Style
The most important factor is choosing a style. You can use contemporary products and design techniques still have a classic home style. You can also choose country, modern, urban, or contemporary.

Knowing the look you are after will make your home design remodeling more efficient.

Use Design Software
One of the greatest innovations for home design is the computer aided design software available to the general public.

There are free programs that allow you to rearrange furniture, move walls, reposition appliances, and change colors to see how things would look before you ever contact a contractor or buy a bucket of paint.

Check out the free versions of FloorPlanner, Plan3D, developer3d, and Google Sketch Up for starters.

Modern Bathroom Ideas

Don’t be stuck on what you’ve known from the past. You’ll be amazed by the newest innovations for bathrooms.

For example, in bathrooms, you can find walk in tubs or new whirlpool tubs with LCD controls, air massage, or water massage. Steam showers with luxury features like radio, telephone and foot massage would be a great addition, as would an infrared sauna for health and weight loss. New shower body jets are more and more popular, too.

Contemporary Kitchen Tips

Be aware that convenience and efficiency are the top buzz words in contemporary kitchen design.

Plan around the new cordless appliances to replace most small kitchen appliances. This makes it possible to have your preparation center at any place in the kitchen, unlimited by the location of electrical outlets.

Stainless steel and commercial appliances are extremely popular. This may mean that you’ll need a larger than standard space for a new refrigerator or stove. A professional, six burner gas cooktop, for example, requires four feet of counter space rather than the standard three feet.

Kitchens are larger and have become the family center, so they are larger and multi-functional. Look for televisions and communication systems integrated into appliances and study or gathering spaces integrated into the design.

When completing your home design remodeling, remember that technology and entertainment are some of the most important considerations in a modern home.

Consider designs that incorporate the new thin screen televisions as part of the décor. There are a variety of mantel/fireplace combos in many styles that incorporate a plasma or lcd television for a complete look.

The minimalist European look is popular in an entertainment room particularly. Look for lots of glass and chrome, or a monochromatic black look.

Green is In

High efficiency appliances, solar power systems, geothermal heating systems, and tankless water heaters are just a few of the innovations in green technology now popular in homes.

In your home design remodeling, remember that green technology has come a long way, and are now mainstream and easy to use. Consider adding green appliances, and you may score not only lower energy costs, but possibly tax advantages.

Colors and Textures
Sometimes your home design remodeling can simply involve changing colors and rearranging furniture.

With the current emphasis on green, contemporary versions of neutral earth colors like sage, burnt umber and toast are again popular. Consider paint or textured wallpapers to upgrade the room’s look with little expense.