Contemporary Wood Deck Designs Contemporary Wood Deck Designs

A deck or patio would be a great addition to any home and wood deck designs will provide an extension of your living space in which to enjoy the outdoors. It is also a great way to enjoy the scenery in your neighborhood. Contemporary wood deck designs are now popular amongst the home enthusiast as designs and structure can only be bound by the owner's imagination.

An ideal wood deck design should not only provide a scenic view but shield you from the prying eyes of onlookers as well. A properly designed deck will give your home a classic look mixed with a modern, artistic touch.

Although other natural or synthetic materials can be used to decorate a deck, wood is still most suitable to use because:

  • It is cheaper than most materials
  • It is easy to maintain
  • It is durable and can withstand extreme weather
  • It is slip resistant
  • It is more attractive and adds an earthly touch

Contemporary Wood Deck Design Ideas

Curved Decks

This kind of wood deck design is most suitable for those with a large yard space and adds class to the design theme of your home. Small spaces need not apply but careful design can provide a curved deck even with a limited amount of space available.

Pool Decks

This deck design is probably the most popular amongst those with a swimming pool in the yard. This kind of deck design will benefit most from the use of wood as a pool deck requires a slip resistant surface. A tile deck may give more color in this application but is a hazard when wet or moist as the surface is smooth and polished. The pool deck is also the most fun to create as the application is ideal for weekend family gatherings, entertaining friends or holding social events.

Formal Deck

The formal deck design is focused on a more conservative side and is perceived to be a physical extension of your home. A formal deck could come with a roof and is decorated in accordance to the overall theme and design of your home like a porch or veranda. Most farm houses utilize this kind of deck and is also a great place to entertain guests.

Built in Seating Deck

This is a novel deck idea most commonly seen on movies where the formal deck has seat fixtures built in and conforms to the design standard of the deck. Perimeter benches could also serve as the safety railings on most low level decks. Having a built in seating deck is a great design idea that could be incorporated into your home. The same type of wood used on the floor could also be used on the bench but others mix and match different wood variations to create a unique theme.

Contemporary wood deck designs are only bound by your imagination. A mixture of one or two deck designs can also be integrated as desired. Pool decks can have built in seating decks to accommodate a lunch or dinner pool party while a formal deck could be designed as a curved deck to make the most of your yard space.


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