Continuous Soffit Vent Replacement Tips

The majority of the time, a continuous soffit vent will only need installing once in a property, but just in case you find yourself needing to replace it, below are a few tips. A continuous soffit vent is long (96 inches) and narrow (2 inches) in order to vent properties with extremely narrow soffits.

1 - Check it Out

In many cases, an ineffective continuous soffit vent may not need replacing. If it is placed in your attic, there is a high chance that the vent may be obstructed.

2 - Out with the Old and in with the New

If you remove the old vent before constructing a new one, this allows you to accurately measure the space that the new vent has to fit into. This helps in getting the right size after all.

3 - Weatherproofing

This is one thing that is foolishly overlooked; making a few slightly different adjustments will make your replacement last a lot longer. Replacing regular glue with waterproof glue, use galvanized nails instead of regular nails to prevent rusting, use galvanized mesh for the same reason and place it on the frame facing the inside of the house in order to slightly protect it from the elements.

4 - Secure it

If you accurately measured the space for the vent then the vent will fit into the gap snugly. In the event of strong winds, which could dislodge the vent, remember to screw the continuous soffit vent into the surrounding wall.