Checking a Contractor's Registration or License in the Northeast Checking a Contractor's Registration or License in the Northeast

Are the building or home improvement contractors you hired licensed or registered with the state? Are they required to be? State requirements for contractors vary greatly. Most states require contractors to be licensed or registered at either the state or local level. Often, these states provide the public a way to find and verify this information on their website or by calling their office. Before hiring any contractor, take a few minutes to verify that they have the proper credentials to do the work.

Connecticut requires contractors to be certified and licensed. The Department of Consumer Protection License Services Division at allows people to confirm licenses of any new home or home improvement contractor. They can also be contacted by calling (860) 713-6000.

In Delaware, a contractor must have obtained a temporary license from the Division of Revenue to bid on a project that costs more than $50,000. If awarded the contract, they must obtain a valid Delaware business license. There is no way to check the status of a license online, but the Delaware Division of Revenue can be contacted by calling (302) 577-8778 or (302) 577-8200.

In Maine, general building contractors are not required to obtain a license unless they do electrical or plumbing contracting. These licenses can be verified online at Maine's Licensee Search at Companies selling home repair services must be registered with the state. To find out if the company has been registered, contact the Office of Licensing and Registration at (207) 624-8603.

In Maryland, general construction contractors do not need a license unless they are working on home improvement projects. Licenses can be verified on the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing Home Improvement Search Page at PQ_search.cgi?calling_app=HIC::HIC_qselect or by calling (410) 230-6270.

In Massachusetts, anyone who supervises construction work or demolition needs a license. The state's website allows people to search for Home Improvement Contractors and Construction Supervisors through the Executive Office of Public Safety website at You may also obtain this information by calling the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety at (617) 727-3200.

New Hampshire
The state of New Hampshire does not license construction contractors.

New Jersey
In New Jersey, contractors that build new homes, do home repairs, or do home improvements must be registered by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. To find out if a home improvement contractor is registered, a search can be done at New Jersey's Consumer Affairs website at To find out if a new homebuilder contractor is registered, call (609) 984-7910. To find out if a home repair contractor is registered, call the Department of Banking and Insurance at (609) 292-5340.

New York
In New York, contractors are licensed at the local level. Contact the building department in your county or city to determine what is required and if the contractor has been licensed.

Pennsylvania does not license or register general construction or home improvement contractors.

Rhode Island
Residential contractors must be licensed in Rhode Island. They do not have an online search engine, but licenses can be verified by calling the Rhode Island Contractors' Registration Board at (401) 222-1268.

The state of Vermont does not license or register general construction or home improvement contractors.

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