Checking a Contractor's Registration or License in the South Checking a Contractor's Registration or License in the South

Are the building or home improvement contractors you hired licensed or registered with the state? Are they required to be? State requirements for contractors vary greatly. Most states require contractors to be licensed or registered at either the state or local level. Often, these states provide the public a way to find and verify this information on their website or by calling their office. Before hiring any contractor, take a few minutes to verify that they have the proper credentials to do the work.

In Alabama, general contractors need a license to work on any residential project that costs more than $10,000. A contractor's license can be checked by going to Alabama License Roster Search at roster.asp or by calling the General Contractors Licensing Board at (334) 272-5030.

In Arkansas, a contractor needs a license to bid or work on any project that costs $20,000 or more. You can verify a contractor's license by going to Contractors Licensing Board Search at or by calling (501) 372-4661.

In Florida, contractors must be registered or certified. Registered contractors are only allowed to do work at the local level. Registered contractors are allowed to do work anywhere in Florida. Licenses of contractors who are registered can be verified by doing a Department of Business and Professional Regulation Contractor Search at or by calling (850) 487-1395.

As of 2005, all residential and general contractors are required to be licensed in Georgia. The status of a license can be checked at the state's Professional Licensee Search at or by calling the Construction Industry Board at (478) 207-1416.

Kentucky does not require general contractors to be licensed unless they do plumbing, electrical, or HVAC work.

In Louisiana, contractors are licensed by the State Licensing Board for Contractors. Licenses can be verified by searching the Licensing Board Online Database at or by calling the Contractors Board at (225) 765-2301.

In Mississippi, a certificate or license is required for almost all contractors, unless the project is very small. To find out if a contractor is has a certificate or license, go to Mississippi State Board of Contractors Search Page at You may also call (601) 354-6161.

North Carolina
In North Carolina, general contractors must be licensed to work on projects that cost more than $30,000. A search for licensed contractors can be done at North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors at or by calling (919) 571-4183.

South Carolina
In South Carolina, contractors need to be licensed to do any work that costs over $200. To verify that a contractor is licensed, check out South Carolina's Licensee Lookup at They may be listed under "contractors" or "residential home builders." You may also call the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation at (803) 896-4300.

In Tennessee, contractors must have a license to do any construction work. The Department of Commerce and Insurance provides a search engine on their webpage at or you may call (615) 741-8307.

General and home improvement contractors do not need to be registered in Texas. Homebuilders are required to register with the state. A search for registered builders is provided on the Texas Residential Construction Commission website at

In Virginia, contractors who work on a project that costs more than $1,000 must be licensed. Licenses can be verified at Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation License Lookup at 940531&CFTOKEN=76268842 or by calling (8804) 367-8500.

West Virginia
Construction contractors have to be licensed in West Virginia if they are doing work that costs more than $2,500. To find out if a contractor is licensed, go to West Virginia Division of Labor's Contractor Search at or call (304) 558-7890.

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