Controlling Sand Fleas

There are many steps to controlling sand fleas once they are in your house. Because they have three stages of life, you must make sure to get rid of all the eggs, larvae and pupae in order to completely rid them from your home.

Vacuuming to Remove Sand Fleas

One big step to getting rid of sand fleas in your home is meticulously vacuuming on a regular basis to keep the sand flea population low. Vacuuming can kill the sand flea adults and their eggs, but does not work to kill the larvae. After vacuuming, you need to seal the cracks in your carpeting, as this is where sand fleas like to breed.

Steam Cleaning to Kill Sand Fleas

If you have a severe infestation, steam cleaning may be in order. Sand fleas will die when exposed to temperatures above 103 degrees. There are some commercial devices that allow more lethal temperatures, but even then, there may be some sand fleas under your carpet or elsewhere that you can not reach.

Intervening with Insecticide to Kill Sand Fleas

Insecticides can help to crack the skin of the sand fleas and then absorb the moisture and oil in their skin, killing them. You can purchase citrus peel extracts, linalool or d-limonene to help rid your home of sand fleas as well as prevent future infestations. Apply it to your pet’s bedding to prevent their breeding and growth.