Controlling Steam Radiator Distribution

What You'll Need
Steam radiator
Small fan

The most common heating system in most apartments is the steam radiator. The good news is, steam radiators are pretty effective at getting your place toasty warm; but the downside is, these systems are notoriously finicky, and it can be difficult to control the distribution of heat. To have comfortable, even heating throughout your living area, it’s important to learn how to control heat distribution. Keep reading to find out how.

Step 1 – Do Some Feng Shui

If you have a steam radiator, it is important not to have any big furniture near the radiator. If this happens the heat, will not spread properly, but will stay trapped in that area. Make sure that the air emitted from the radiator will be able to circulate freely throughout the room, unencumbered by furniture pieces.

Step 2 – Use a Fan

A good way to help spread the heat around is to turn on a small fan. Direct the fan so that it will blow the warm air from the steam radiator towards the colder part of the room.

Step 3 – Keep the Windows Closed

If you’re trying to control the distribution of the heat from your steam radiator, make sure to keep the doors and windows closed whenever the heat’s on. Not only will heat escape, but wind and other elements can enter the room and disrupt the flow of war air.

Step 4 – Keep an Eye on It

A steam radiator does a good job keeping an environment well heated, but it is up to you to keep it that way. A steam radiator have to be constantly checked, although is very common as a heating system. Particularly if it’s old, it has to be constantly revised to make sure it’s working at an optimum level.