Convert A Claw Foot Tub To A Shower

While taking a long bubble bath in a deep claw foot tub may be luxurious, attempting a shower in the same tub may be nothing but frustrating. Sure, you can attach a shower head and spray yourself, but it is hard to lather up, rinse and try to keep from getting the floor all wet. There are simpler ways to shower in these types of tubs. All you need to do is covert your claw foot tub into a shower.

Here are some guidelines to help you make the transformation.

  • You will need to first purchase a conversion kit that is normally sold at any hardware store. Just ask a salesperson for help and explain to them what you are trying to accomplish. They should be able to point you in the right direction. 
  • Once you have your conversion kit, you will need to remove the claw foot tub faucet and its hardware. Turn off the water supply ot the house so you do not end up with water all over the room and all over you. Now install the new faucet and hardware, as per the instructions on the kit. The faucet should go directly into the two holes in the tub and the supply tubes will need to be connected to the "inlet shanks." Make sure that you tighten the the water supply nut to prevent any leaks.
  • Now for the shower enclosure. You will need the "U" shaped tubes to be connected to the shower riser and shower closure connector. Now screw the wall brace and ceiling brace into the directed area to complete your shower enclosure.
  • Attach the shower head to the long pipe that allows the water to come from the water supply by threading the connector with Teflon tape. Once that is completed you will need to place the long pipe into the faucet and make sure that the nut is completely tightened.
  • Now that you are finished installing your new shower check for leaks before using it. Turn on the shower and look all around the hardware to ensure there is no water leaking out and that the water is running smoothly through the pipes. Check to make sure that the water pressure is also sufficient. If everything looks good and seems to be working properly, you are now able to put up the shower curtain to your liking.

If you should have any problems with leaking, try looking over all the connections once again in the hardware. These types of problems may be as simple as screwing in a nut or bolt a little tighter. However, if you find there are still some issues that you cannot seem to fix, it is best to call a plumber to check on the situation. He will be able to tell you what needs to be fixed or what was not installed correctly.