How to Convert a Garage Into a Game Room

A garage.
  • 12-72 hours
  • Beginner
  • 500-2,500

If you want a game room but don’t have enough space inside your home for one, consider turning your seldom-used garage into an entertainment paradise. Keep reading to learn how to turn an attached or separate garage into a space to spend private time and to host social gatherings.

Step 1 - Analyze Your Space

Your first step is to decide whether you can actually create a game room in your garage space. Walk-in and take a look around. Imagine the types of items and accessories you want in your game room and envision where each would go.

If you feel you have enough room for what you want, clear the space out. Take measurements of the room for future reference.

Step 2 - Look for Comfort

Decide what steps you will need to take to make the room comfortable. A garage may have a cold, dingy atmosphere. How can you change this? For starters, think about painting the walls. This will be a quick way to modify the room to your tastes.

Maybe the lighting is very dim due to a lack of windows. In that case, choose some interesting lighting styles. You can go with recessed or track lighting or even wall sconces. Pick fixtures that will match the rest of your planned room.

The ground surface can also make a garage uncomfortable and unwelcoming. Consider installing hardwood or carpet, or plan to buy throw rugs to pad and cover the raw cement.

Your garage is probably not insulated so you might need to install a cooling system, a ceiling fan or oscillating fans.

Step 3 - Mold Your Game Room

The final step—the most fun—is choosing what to put in your game room. Before you buy anything, plan your space and decide how exactly you will fill it. For example, a pool table in the center of the room will take up most of the space, while pinball machines can be lined up along the walls. A card table might leave enough space that you can install a wet bar.

Don't forget to include a television and sound system, as well as lots of seating.