Convert a Scanner into a Light Box

What You'll Need
Two Fluorescent bulbs
White acrylic
White paint
Paint brush
Tape measure
Manila paper in different colors
2x4 wood board

Making a light box out of a scanner is a great way to utilize an old scanner. Besides, all it requires is a few tools and a simple procedure that you can do by yourself within no time.

Step 1- Prepare the Scanner

Lift the lid of your scanner and put it aside. Open up the scanner to get access to its components. Remove the lamp and sensor as well as all other moving parts of the scanner. You now have a hollow box. Remove also the glass of your scanner and use the tape measure to determine its dimensions. Take the measurements of the entire scanner enclosure as well.

Step 2 - Paint Scanner Box

Take the white paint and paint the interior of the enclosure evenly, ensuring that all areas are covered. Use the measurements of the scanner glass to cut out the white acrylic paper in the same size.

Step 3 - Attach Light             

Drill two rectangular holes on both sides of the scanner box and cover them with a light white paper to allow light to penetrate through into the enclosure. Make another hole on the back piece of the scanner enclosure at the bottom on the right side through which to wire the light. Fix the two fluorescent bulbs into the sides of the scanner box along the length and wire them appropriately through the earlier drilled hole. The bulbs should be long enough to cover the entire length.

Step 4 - Reassemble Scanner Enclosure

With the lights properly fitted and the insides of the enclosure painted pure white, take the white acrylic paper cut to the size of the scanner glass and place it at the original location of the glass. The top of your light box should remain open.

Step 5 - Make the Prop

A light box should always be about 36 to 38 inches above the table. Use the tape measure to transfer the right dimensions of the prop onto the 2x4 wood board before cutting it out. Cut out the prop and attach it at the bottom of the back piece of the scanner enclosure turned light box using the hinges and screws.

Step 6 - Test the Light Box

Put an object inside the light box and take photos to see how well it works. You can use the different colored manila papers to create different color illusions. For small objects, you may need a reflector to place over the light box to take good photos. An umbrella is the most appropriate reflector.

Step 7 - Beautify Your Light Box

You can beautify your light box by painting it on the outside with a color of your choice, preferably one that matches the décor of your photo studio.