Convert a Storage Shed into a Home Office

yard with tree and storage shed

If you need a home office, but you're short on extra space, why not convert a storage shed into a home office? Storage sheds come in a variety of sizes and styles and most can be fixed up to give you some interior comforts while creating the space and functionality you need.

Step 1 - Types of Storage Sheds to Consider

There are many types of storage sheds on the market, but if you're looking for one that you'll be able to convert into livable space, choose one that most resembles a house. If possible, get a shed that matches your house or be ready to paint it to match. Opt for a shed with a traditional, rather than a barn door. Also, choose one that has at least one window. The natural light will give it a more homey feel.

Pick a shed that is tall enough to stand up in easily. Also, consider the size of the furniture you plan to use and make sure it will fit with room to spare. Giving yourself some space to move around will make the shed feel more like a true office.

Step 2 - Choosing the Perfect Spot for Your Home Office

Large shed with windows next to a deck space

Try to position the shed in a spot in your yard that receives the best sunlight. This will help keep it warm and bright. Keep in mind your proximity to an available door to the house. If possible, make the distance convenient. A clear path may not seem like a big deal at first, but frequent trips to the restroom and kitchen will be less cumbersome that way.

If you'll need access to utilities in your shed, try to position it so that they are nearby. That will greatly reduce the cost and difficulty of the installation.

Step 3 - How to Turn Your Shed into an Office

You'll want to drywall and paint the interior of your shed. Before you do that, decide how you'll be accessing electricity. If you're going to run electricity to the shed, be sure to check with your city building codes and make sure your project is in compliance. Once you've done that, you can incorporate the electrical work into the walls prior to finishing them with drywall.

Most prefabricated sheds come with a plywood floor. You can use just about any flooring material to cover it. A basic tile is a cost-effective and easy solution.

Lighting is an important element in creating your home office. Consider installing an overhead lamp in addition to a desk or floor lamp. Be sure to give yourself plenty of light.

Step 4 - Decorating Your Home Office

woman stretching at her desk

Treat your storage shed home office the same way you would a room in your house. Choose a desk and chair that match your personal style. If you have room for a sofa, use decorative throw pillows to give the office some character.

Use the walls to display degrees and awards. Personalize the space with photos and mementos.

Remember that the shed will get cold in the winter. A space heater can add warmth and make the office comfortable year-round.

Converting a storage shed into a home office could be a simple solution to a need for more space. If you think of it like decorating any other room in your house, you'll end up with an office that will become an extension of your home.