Convert an Old Cabinet Door into a Shadow Box Convert an Old Cabinet Door into a Shadow Box

What You'll Need
Old Cabinet Door
1/4 Inch Plywood
3/4 Inch Plywood
Clear Acrylic Glass
2" Ribbon
1/2 Inch Wood Strips
Door Knob
Sand Paper
Jig Saw
Table Saw
Brad Nailer with 1 1/2 Inch and 5/8 Inch Nails
Router with 1/4 Inch Dado Bit

It is hard to believe, but a cabinet door is useful for more than just covering your cabinet. When the cabinets get a makeover, you can also give your cabinet door a makeover. More to the point, you can give it a new life. One of the things you can turn your old cabinet door into is a shadow box. Shadow boxes are a great way to display many things in a decorative way. Here is a step by step process to turn your old cabinet door into a shadow box.

Step One - Prepare Old Cabinet Door

Take off the hardware from the cabinet door. Strip it down to the original wood by sanding it down with the sander and sand paper.

Step Two - Cut Out Inlay

To form the border of the shadow box you will need to cut out the inlay of your cabinet door. Using a jig saw cut out around the edge of the inlay of your door. This will leave the exterior section of the cabinet door.

Step Three - Paint Wood

Once the wood has been cut you can paint it to your desired color.

Step Four - Create Window For Shadow Box

Measure the dimensions of the cabinet door and cut your acrylic sheet to 3/4 inch smaller all the way around. Fasten the acrylic sheet to the cabinet door with the wood strips.

Step Five - Create Sides of Box

Cut out four pieces of the 3/4 inch plywood to the size of the cabinet door. You will need to have two for the length and two for the sides. Use your router and cut out a 1/4 inch dado along the edge of each one that is 1/8 inches deep. Attach only three of the side pieces together with 1 1/2 inch brad nails.

Step Six - Make Bottom

Using the 1/2 inch plywood, cut it out to the dimensions of the cabinet door slide it into the back of the wooden pieces. Install the fourth side and then attach with 5/8 inch brad nails.

Step Seven - Make Background

You can either paint the background of your shadow box, or add some ribbon to the back of the box for a more decorative touch. If you use the ribbon, then hot glue it to the back of the box.

Step Eight - Put Door On

Using the hinges that came with the cabinet door, fasten one side to the edge of the shadow box and the other to the original door. Attach a door knob to the frame.

Step Nine - Finishing Touches

Once the box is completed you can put the finishing touches on it. Place some battery operated lights on the top of the inside of the box. Then put in whatever type of diorama you want, treasures, pictures, or whatever will finish off your shadow box.

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