Convert Bifold Doors into a Room Divider

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Wall repair putty
Paint stirring sticks
Triangular supports

Bifold doors are common for use on closets and laundry rooms. Two hinged panels on either side fold outwards as they open. A track in the frame above the door keeps them in place. They don't take up as much room when open as a standard door. A room divider is any piece that can be placed to give an area more privacy or to hide something ugly, like a water heater. They can be moved out of the way and they don't change or damage the walls in any way. If you have a bifold door that has been taken off of a closet and you want to think of another use for it, it is fairly easy to convert it into a room divider.

    Step 1 - Connect the Panels

    You have four panels, in pairs connected with hinges. You want a single unit. There are three hinges connecting each of the pairs. Unscrew the middle hinge on each. Use those two hinges to connect the pairs to each other in the center. You will have to drill new holes and then use the screws to put the hinges in. Make sure the hinges swing in a way that makes the doors fold together. You want the four panels to zig-zag.

    Step 2 - Remove Extra Hardware

    Remove any door handle hardware. Fill in the holes with putty meant for repairing drywall. When it dries sand it if necessary. Paint over it. There is also hardware on the tops of each pair that held it in the track in the closet door. This can be removed.

    Step 3 - Decorate

    The new room divider can be painted or decorated in any way you choose. Bifold doors have paint on them, so you may want to sand it. A primer might be necessary. Read the instructions that come with your paint. Paint the room divider all one color or many colors. Paint a picture or design. Make it simple or fancy, whatever you want. An attractive divider can brighten up a room as well as performing its basic function.

    Step 4 - Set It Up

    The room divider made from bifold doors will stand up on its own, with the hinges bent and the 4 panels zig-zagging. If you worry that it might be knocked over by pets or children a board or a triangular piece of wood can be attached to the base at both ends to make it more stable. Other kinds of brackets or stands are available at hardware stores. If you don't need to move it, it could be attached to a wall. If hinges are used it could be folded out of the way when not needed.

    Re-use of a bifold door as a room divider will help with privacy and improve the look of any room at a low cost. It saves the door from being thrown away. It is a economical and ecological way to make one household item into another.