Convert Your Ceiling to a Tray Ceiling

A tray ceiling or drop ceiling is one that is designed to hold panels or tiles. These ceilings are easy to install, as they do not require a demolition of the existing ceiling. A tray ceiling is created by simply placing hangers the length of the ceiling and inserting tiles in order to conceal the existing ceiling.

Converting your ceiling to a tray ceiling will require some preparation before installation takes place. You will need to measure the ceiling and determine the grid pattern you want. These measurements will dictate how much material is needed and how much time you will need to budget to accomplish this task.

Install Hangers for Ceiling Tiles

The ceiling tile hangers form a grid and simply attach to the ceiling. Your measurements should take into account how low the ceiling will be dropped and whether continued or future access to the former ceiling is needed.

Place Ceiling Tiles

Once the hangers have been installed, the ceiling tiles simply slide in to the grid. You can stagger the sizes of the grids or run the tiles both horizontally and vertically to create an intricate ceiling pattern. The tray ceiling is easy to maintain since the tiles are moveable and add a decorative design element to the room.