Convert Your Ceramic Tile Fireplace To Stone

What You'll Need
Pry bar
Face mask
Long sleeve shirt
Mortar mix
Mortar pan
Masonary trowel
Saw with diamond tip blade
Measuring tape

If part of your interior home remodeling includes the plan to convert your ceramic tile fireplace to stone, then these tips will be helpful.

Removing Ceramic Tile

This step is determined by two choices. One choice is to lay the stone on top of the tile and that will depend on how deep the tile is and how far the stone will extend. The second choice is to remove the tile, which may be time consuming and difficult, depending on what your tile is adhered to. If you can tell that your tile is laid on dry wall, it may just be a process of chiseling away the tile. If that is the case, here are the appropriate steps to be taken.

Step One

If you can find a spot to use your pry bar or chisel to get underneath the tile, you can simply starting prying it that way. Otherwise, you will have to start by chipping out the grout, using your hammer and chisel. Make sure you are using appropriate safety measures as this can be messy. The tile can sometimes pop out or break. Wear your safety goggles, face mask and long sleeve shirt. It is also a good idea to protect the surroundings of your project. 

Step Two

Once you have removed the entire area of tile, you may need to install a metal lath backing as this is the safest recommendation for stone. If you are dealing with tile, however, mesh is what is typically used with because the tiles are thinner than stone and require more support.  Use your sander to prep if necessary. Again, it depends on what was underneath.

Once you have removed the ceramic tile and have cleaned and prepped the area, it is time to start laying the stone.

Step One

Before you begin the process you need to have already chosen your design and type of stone you are using. Gather all the materials an d purchase the stone.

Step Two

Make sure to measure the area you will be working with and to draw your pattern lines on the prepped wall. Take the measurements and transfer to the plywood so you have a replica.

Step Three

Lay out stones on the plywood in the pattern you will use for the fireplace. Be sure all spaces are filled. This will give you a good idea of where you will need to place cut stones to fill in gaps. Take a digital photo of your work so you can refer to it while working.

Step Four

Mix mortar in mortar pan to a moist consistency. 

Step Five

Start applying mortar to individual stones with your masonary trowel and laying them in the pattern you designed. It is important to make sure the stone is set so giving it a little wiggle to see if it is set is a good idea. 

Step Six

Using your safety gear and your diamond tipped saw, cut stones for spaces and fit them in where needed. 

Step Seven

Use grout to fill in any exposed edges or between any stones that need it. Use sponge to clean surface of stones.

Step Eight

Apply your sealant to smooth and cleaned stones. Allow mortar and grout to set for at least 48 hours. Enjoy the fruits of your labor!