Convert Your Garage into a Guest Room

garage with game room features

If you need some more living space, you might want to consider converting an open area you already have. If the building codes in your area allow it, why not convert your garage into a guest room? Read on for some things to consider before taking this exciting step in your home.

Why Convert Your Garage?

Of course, a converted garage will provide you more living space.

When working only in this enclosed area, your home will be much less disrupted than a full remodel would be.

Since there is no need to dig or lay a new foundation, you save a lot of money in construction costs. This saved money can be put into the remodel, like finish work or detailed molding.

Should You Convert the Full Garage?

Research to find out whether your neighborhood or community has requirements or restrictions regarding covered car parking. If it does, you may want to convert just a portion of your garage.

Be sure to secure any building permits you may need to construct this nature in your home. This will mean developing some plans that will have to be submitted for approval.

Steps for Conversion

1. Unless you want to incorporate it into your new guest room, the first thing to do is remove the garage door and all attached equipment, like automatic opening gears and cables.

2. Construct a wall in the new opening. For the best aesthetics, carry on the exterior designs from the rest of the house to match siding and window design.

3. Insulate the new wall as well as the rest of the space. Many garages have little or no insulation in the exterior walls. Either add it before putting up drywall or through a blowing technique. If your walls already have drywall, hire a professional for this step.

4. If you want your guest room to have a closet, add it now. Remember, you can always use a wardrobe.

5. Install lighting or fixtures that are in the same style as the rest of the house.

6. You may want to change the door from the garage to the main house. A garage door is usually heavier and perhaps spring-loaded. Replacing it with a door that is similar to the other interior doors will help to make your new room a part of the whole.

7. Paint the inside of your new guest room. Consider the furniture and materials you will use to fill the room, like drapes, carpet, or bedsheets.

8. Since most garage floors are concrete, you will probably want to lay some carpet or other flooring type. You can easily install wood laminate or tile yourself.

Now that you've completed your room, move in the furniture and invite your friends to stay in your new guest room.