Converting a Kitchen Closet Converting a Kitchen Closet

What You'll Need
Pantry onversion kit
Tape measure
Cleaning supplies
Hammer or prybar

Converting your kitchen closet is a good option when you are beginning to run out room elsewhere. A kitchen closet can store anything from sporting goods, jackets and shoes to cleaning supplies.

The big need, especially for those small kitchens, is a place where you can store all your canned and dry goods. Many kitchens have very little space for storage, which makes it very hard to keep your kitchen organized and clean. Converting a kitchen closet into a pantry is a project that can be as elaborate you want it to be. You can start from scratch and design your own closet storage, or you can choose from a wide variety of different pantry kits. Installing a kit is very simple and can be done with a few basic tools and instructions.


Step One - Remove Old Shelving

Converting your closet from what it is to a pantry means that you are going to have to replace what is there now. Most of the time this is in the form of a shelf and a bar for hanging jackets and coats. Removing this requires a hammer or a pry bar and a cordless drill. Unscrew the metal bar with the drill and pry off the shelves with your pry bar or hammer.

Step Two - Clean out Closet

Use a mild solution of warm water and soap to clean the walls of the closet. Clean the floor by sweeping out the dirt and then mopping it. Cleaning your closet makes the installation easier by giving you a clean, fresh area to start in.

Step Three - Measure Closet

There are three measurements you need to take. You need to measure the height of your closet, the width of the closet, and the depth of the closet in order to get the right kit for your needs.

Step Four - Buy Conversion Kit

There are different types of kits you can purchase for converting your kitchen closet. However, the two most popular are wire shelving systems or a kit made out of wood. Either way, they are both durable enough for a pantry and should be chosen according to the theme of your entire kitchen.

Step Five - Lay out Pieces

Once you get your kit at home, take it out of the package and lay it out on the floor the way it is going to be installed in your closet. This will help you to see it with your own eyes instead of through a list of instructions.

Step Six - Pre Drill Holes

Take measurements of where the shelves are going to go and them to the closet. Draw lines where the shelves will be--using a level to keep things straight--and mark the location for the screw holes. Drill the holes with a drill bit that is a size smaller than the screws.

Step Seven - Install Shelves

Once the holes are pre-drilled into the wall, install the mounting brackets for the shelving. Attach the shelves to the brackets and secure them tightly.

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