Converting a Lathe Drill to a CNC Lathe Converting a Lathe Drill to a CNC Lathe

A lathe drill works by holding the piece to be drilled by hand against the machine. It is commonly used as a horizontal drilling machine; a table can be used when handling large and heavy work. Presently, manufactured CNC lathes are rapidly replacing lathe drills. They are easy to operate as a result of the setting used and design. Some of the settings used include operation using modern tools and utilization of modern processes.

With an old lathe drill, it is possible to inexpensively convert it to a CNC lathe using the following steps.

Make a Live Center

Start by making a live center. This is used to support the wood or material being worked on by the machine. The live center holds the wood and rotates freely. Obtain a battery which will provide the power needed to operate the machine; it can also be connected to a power outlet. Buy a skill drill, chuck with shaft and a thrust bushing.

Fix the Chuck

The shaft can be used to burnish the wood to size to ensure that there is a good fit between the shaft of the chuck and the block of wood or material to be drilled. With a hex shaft screw driver bit, chuck it into the drill press. Carefully fix the chuck being used as a center. Run the drill very slowly so as to feed the shaft of the chuck into the hole bored into the hardwood.

Prepare Live Centers

With the hole in the hardwood in place, pull out the chuck and carefully position the thrust bearing in place. Obtain lubricating oil and place a few drops on the bearings. This allows them to work effectively and reduce pressure. With the bearings working correctly, the live centers turn easily.

Hold the work place by chucking a couple of countersinks.

Run the Machine

Finish the CNC lathe by position a tool rest. This makes it possible to use a wide variety of tools such as shaping machines, blades and wood rasps. Use a mallet to knock the drive countersink into the work piece. To secure the work piece, slip it between the chucks and lift the table. To make sure the piece is center; turn it several times by hand until it sits in well on the work place.

How to Use the Machine

To improve the performance of the machine, consider buying CNC lathes with 15 up to 40 horse power drive systems. However, the higher the horse power the higher the amount of energy required to operate it effectively. In this case, use power outlet instead of a battery.

Lathes have a wide range of functional tools which vary from manual to fully automized. When converting a lathe drill to a CNC lathe consider using manual to semi-automatic tools.



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