Converting Your Crawlspace Into a Full Basement Converting Your Crawlspace Into a Full Basement

A crawlspace is the space under the house which provides access to the plumbing, electrical, and heating systems of the home. The height of the crawlspace can range from just 1-foot of space to 4-feet. Some crawlspaces share similarities with basement, but they are generally on a dirt floor with little insulation.

??It is impossible to have a crawlspace as an extra living space. Many people use them for storage; however, it is mostly for outdoor equipment that will not be affected by the humidity and exposure to outside temperatures.

Crawlspace Conversion

??A crawlspace conversion is the act of converting the area into a more usable space. Depending on your need, you can convert your crawlspace into many different types of rooms. They might include a basic basement, an office, bedroom, home gym, work shop, or garage.

Such a project requires major remodeling, as you will need to dig out the space to make it large enough to walk through. Converting a crawlspace is becoming more popular for people who can not afford to buy a new home or do not want to move.

Cost Effective

??When you look into a crawlspace conversion, you will see that it is a cost effective alternative to physically adding onto your home. It is not only a cost effective measure, but it will also add value to your home in the event you decide to sell it.

Crawlspace Construction??

Crawlspace conversions are lengthy construction projects. They can take a month or more to complete and involve a rather intense use of heavy equipment because the land under your home must be excavated.

That means your home will be put on jacks, or quite possibly moved if you are in a prefabricated home. New footings and foundation walls will then be constructed with concrete.

As the foundation is poured, there will also be work on drainage, landscaping, and finally replacing the home on the foundation. As the home nears completion, the excavators will then backfill the area. ??

Even then the conversion is not complete. Once the heavy work is finished, there is the inside work of moving the plumbing and heating systems to a more permanent set up. The long term benefits of a crawlspace conversion are in the overall return in value and increased living area.??

Crawlspace Conversion Value??

When you make the decision to convert your crawlspace into a more livable area, you are making an investment. You will spend a lot of money in the conversion, but you are really investing it for the future.

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