Conveyor Broiler

Used exclusively for commercial applications, a conveyor broiler is a fast way to prepare a wide variety of foods, from pizzas to toasted sandwiches. Made for countertop use, conveyor broilers come in several different sizes. Units may be stacked to increase food turnout volume. Electric models are popular, for they require no venting, which is perfect for indoor operation. With their sleek stainless steel exterior, conveyor rack and food catcher, units are easy to keep clean and nearly impossible to scratch.


Conveyor broilers feature an adjustable speed for the rack, and operation is easy. Simply place food at one end of the conveyor and let the machine do the work. Using infrared radiant technology, heat is continually transferred from the elements directly to the food, thoroughly cooking the inside without becoming overly dry while making the outside crispy and delicious.


Features of conveyor broilers include adjustable rack speed and element temperature, standard power switch and power-on indicator light. A 240-volt electrical connection is required. A removable crumb pan aids in cleanup. Depending on the setting, use a conveyor broiler to warm, toast or even bake. Conveyor racks typically range in width from 14 to 18 inches, perfect for pre-made pizzas and multiple smaller items. Prices range anywhere from about $2,000 to $7,000 or more.