Cook Out Ideas For Your New Patio Fire Pit Cook Out Ideas For Your New Patio Fire Pit

A patio fire pit creates a comfortable atmosphere and provides a natural setting for an outdoor barbecue. Nothing accents a patio fire pit better than comfortable outdoor furniture and a few bug-repelling candles.

While you can certainly use your fire pit to cook hot dogs and marshmallows, don't stop there. You can cook almost anything over your open fire to enhance any outdoor gathering.

Any Type of Meat

Purchase a heavy duty metal screen to place on top of your fire pit. It will serve the same purpose as metal grates on surface of a standard barbecue grill. This metal screen will allow you to cook meat directly over the flame of your fire pit.

Establish a fairly strong fire of mostly coals and large pieces of wood. Then place the metal screen on top of the pit to pre-heat. Prepare your meat with your preferred seasonings and place it directly on top of the metal grate.

For larger cuts of meat, consider wrapping the meat in two layers of foil to prevent burning the exterior. This will keep the heat of the fire circulating and cook the interior of the meat instead of the outside. Simply use your fire pit in the same manner as a barbecue and remove the meat once it is cooked to your liking.

Pasta, Vegetables and Bread

Using the metal grate as a cooking surface, you can create any type of dish you desire. To boil water, set a metal or other fireproof pot full of fresh water directly onto the metal grate over a strong fire. Once your pot has come to a full boil, you may use it to steam any vegetable or cook pasta. Make sure you keep the fire hot to ensure that the water continues to boil and thoroughly cooks your food.

The metal grate can also be used to toast bread. Once it is pre-heated, you can place several pieces of bread directly on the grate to toast it. It will absorb the natural flavors of the wood and acquire tasteful grill-marks.

Gourmet Meals

At your next outdoor cookout, impress your guests by serving them a gourmet meal. Build a fire and use a simple metal screen to transform your fire pit into a fully functional cooking surface.

Experiment with different types of cuisine and cooking styles using the metal grate as a stovetop. The possibilities are endless, making the monotony of hot dogs and marshmallows seem obsolete.

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