Cook With a Wood Stove Fireplace Insert

A wood stove.

Wood stoves and fireplace inserts can be used to cook food over the fire generated by burning wood. But while both involve starting a fire, the finer points of cooking procedure are noticeably different.

Cooking with a Wood Stove

Wood stoves are freestanding stoves that are not attached to any part of the house. When the fire is started, a wood stove’s top surface heats up, allowing its owners to cook anything they want.

Start by opening all dampers and then start the fire inside the stove. Load up the logs, light them on fire and wait for it to spread to all logs.

If you are looking to cook something quickly, leave all the dampers open. If you are looking to cook something more complicated, close the damper to the oven and partially close the main damper.

Place the pot or pan on the stove’s top surface. You can control the temperature by moving the pot or pan – the closer it is to the center, the more heat it gets.

when the food is prepared, take all pots and pans off the wood stove and let the fire die

Cooking with a Fireplace Insert

Fireplace inserts are modern structures that are integrated into fireplaces to make them more energy efficient. As with ordinary fireplaces, food can be cooked using a Dutch Oven – a thick iron cooking pot with a tight-fitting lid. A Dutch Oven is either hung above the fire or placed atop of a stand.

To cook the food over a stove, you must start by getting the fire going. Wait 30 to 45 minutes and use a fireplace shovel or rake to even out the coals. Place the Dutch Oven atop of the fire. You can shovel more coals under the Dutch Oven to increase the temperature.