Covering everything from portable, outdoor propane stoves to countertop roasters, cookers vary widely in terms of application, design and price. While full-size freestanding and built-in ovens and oven ranges are cookers, when speaking of them, one usually refers to the assortment of small appliances commonly used as an alternative to the oven range. Both multipurpose and specific-use cookers are available. Brands such as Cuisinart, Wolfgang Puck, Presto, Sanyo, Avanti, Hamilton Beach, Deni and many more specialize in giving consumers a number of specialty appliance choices. From dedicated soup kettles and fish fryers to steamers, rice cookers and more, cookers provide a more convenient, tidier and often faster way to prepare food.

Home Cookers

Rather than use the oven, stovetop or microwave to prepare food at home, cookers offer a convenient alternative. Self contained, compact, quick acting and easy to clean, cookers like slow ceramic roasters, rice makers, steamers and toaster/broiler combos sit tidily upon a countertop. Electric powered with dishwasher-safe parts, cookers of various kinds combine stylish design elements with effective functionality. Oftentimes, cookers are multifunctional. Rice cookers can be used to steam vegetables, while slow cookers roast, bake and warm foods. Toaster/broilers can prepare toast for a sandwich, cook a frozen pizza or a rotisserie chicken with the right attachment.

Outdoor Cookers

Take the power and convenience of a kitchen along when camping, hunting or hosting an outdoor party with any number of portable outdoor cookers. Propane or butane-fueled, camping stoves and jet boilers/fryers are two examples of outdoor cookers. Camping stoves are available in many sizes, from compact, single-burner units to family-size, multi-burner models. Features may include adjustable flame, electric ignition and a durable metal construction.


Cookers are easy to operate and clean. Common features include multi-quart capacity, stainless steel or cast aluminum cooking inserts, tempered glass covers and thermostatic control. Other widely-used features include electronic controls, digital display, auto shutoff and a programmable timer. Convenient, compact and relatively inexpensive, choose from the selection of cookers when looking for an alternative to the larger home appliances or when taking food preparation outdoors.