Cool Deck Repair: How to Repair a Cantilever Edge

What You'll Need
Pry Bar
Screw Gun
Tape Measure
Circular Saw
Deck Lumber

A cool deck repair of a cantilever edge deck is necessary when your deck is damaged. A cantilever deck is one where the beams are positioned in a way to support the load or weight of the deck on one side. A cantilever deck is distinguished by how the boards overhang one side of the deck.

The process for repairing a cantilever deck involves replacing any damaged boards in order to restore the deck. This article describes the tools and materials needed to perform this cool deck repair.

Step 1: Remove Deck Boards

Using a pry bar, remove the nails and screws that hold the cantilever deck boards in place. This should be done around the area where the deck boards are damaged. Remove as many of the cantilever deck boards from the deck as needed to access the damaged area for repair. This repair will involve the replacement of the damaged cantilever deck boards.

Step 2: Replace the Joists

The joists underneath the deck should be checked for any damage or other problems. If the joists are in need of repair, remove the damaged area using the pry bar or by hammering the joist with a chisel to set it free.

With the damaged joists removed from the cantilever deck, replace them with new joists. A sealer preservative should be used on the joist when it is set in place. This will help reinforce the joist and make it last longer.

Step 3: Reinforce Deck Posts

Using a level, check the deck posts to see to what extent the deck is leaning. You will need to set a reinforcing post at an angle to the leaning deck in order to eliminate the lean. Attach the reinforced post to the leaning deck with the screw gun.

Check the deck boards again with the level once the angled board is set in place. Be sure that the lean has been eliminated completely before moving on to the next step of this process.

Step 4: Replace Deck Boards

With the deck posts properly set and level, attach the old deck board to the joists. Replace any damaged or warped deck boards with new deck boards. The boards should be set in place and secured to the joists using a screw gun (or a nailer if you prefer). Be sure that the deck boards are properly secured to the joists. Use the pressure sprayer to wash the deck once the deck boards are set in place. Use a sealer preservative on the deck boards to prevent the deck boards from warping over time due to weather.

The steps described above should repair your cantilever deck and restore it to its prior cool deck appearance. The process for repairing your cool cantilever edge cool deck should not involve too much time and can be accomplished over a weekend.