Cool Deck Repair: How to Repair a Crack in a Cool Deck

What You'll Need
Pry Bar
Screw Gun
Sealer Preservative
Deck Lumber
Paint Brush

A cool deck repair can involve repairing the cracks that develop in your deck. These cracks can be repaired using an epoxy material to seal the crack or depending on the extent of the crack involve the replacement of the piece of decking section. This article describes the tools, materials and steps needed for the cool deck repair of cracks. Many of the materials needed to repair the cracks in your cool deck can be found in your home or purchased from a retailer who sells epoxy and other deck repair items.

Step 1: Remove Cool Deck Boards

Using a pry bar, remove the nails and screws that hold the deck boards in place. This should be done around the area where the deck boards are damaged and cracked. If necessary, depending on the extent to which the deck is cracked, you may need to remove all of the deck boards from the deck to reattach them. A close inspection of the deck should determine how bad the boards are damaged and how extensive the cracks are.

Step 2: Replace the Joists

The joists underneath the deck should be checked for any damage or rotting. If the joists are cracked, remove the damaged area using the pry bar or by hammering the joist with a chisel to set it free.

With the damaged joists removed from the deck, replace them with new joists. A sealer preservative should be used on the joist when it is set in place. This will help reinforce the joist and make the cool deck last longer.

Step 3: Apply Epoxy to Cracked Deck Boards

Over the cracks in the deck boards and joists apply an epoxy material. The epoxy is used to seal the cracks and provide integrity to the wood. Use an epoxy sealant that is made especially for wood decks. You can find this material at a home improvement center or hardware store.  

Step 4: Replace Cracked Deck Boards

If the size of the cracks in the cool deck are too large to repair with epoxy, the old deck board and joists will need to be replaced. Replace any damaged cracked deck boards with new deck boards. The boards should be set in place and secured to the joists using a screw gun (or a nailer if you prefer). Be sure that the deck boards are properly secured to the joists. Use the pressure sprayer to wash the deck once the deck boards are set in place. Use a sealer preservative on the deck boards to prevent the deck boards from warping over time due to weather.

This will complete the repair of the cracks in your cool deck. You will need to perform periodic maintenance on the deck over time to watch for cracks and make repairs as necessary.