Cool Office Furniture is One of a Kind Cool Office Furniture is One of a Kind

Use some cool office furniture to make your home office or your away-from-home office a comfortable space that is also one-of-a-kind.

Having cool office furniture can make you feel better about going to work and help your creative energy flow while you’re there. You spend most of your day at work, you might as well enjoy it!

Unique Chairs
Ever seen a chair so unique you hardly know it’s a chair? What a conversation starter! What a great place to relax and let your ideas run wild!

Not only can saddle chairs and ergonomically correct chairs help your posture and reduce all the strains on your back, neck and hands, they are also cool-looking furniture as well.

A great chair with a built-in bookshelf cries out for you to grab ideas while you sit, think and create. Look at the bibliochaise for ideas.

The Stokke chaise is an expensive but unique piece of office furniture that is definitely not your everyday adjustable office chair.

Furniture for the Conference Room
Liven up meetings with some cool office furniture for meeting rooms.

Try beanbags for a comfortable, casual atmosphere. They can be moved around, reconfigured, grouped or spread apart. Put in a few side tables and ottomans for holding drinks and computers, and the team meeting space just got a creativity boost.

Tall tables are another cool ideas for a meeting room. These tables are made for standing, encouraging people to be thoughtful and alert and to keep meetings short.

Large couch beds that cover the better part of a meeting room offer a relaxed way to bring the group together and encourage innovative thinking.

The conference bike has that same effect, seven people can pedal and meet together at the same time.

 Desks and Tables
Look for interesting and exciting desks to liven up the office. How about a high-tech number that you can raise and lower with a switch and looks like it comes straight out of a sci-fi flick?

There are four storage compartments on the desk that can be adjusted to provide storage, be a trashcan, or be used to install a very cool aquarium.

Another cool idea – how about a desk made from the wing of an airplane? You’ll find desks made from the wing of a DC 3.

An art desk is a one of a kind creation that can be a unique addition to any office. The creative type could even create one of these decorative pieces of furniture himself.

Walls and Dividers
Look for great designs that get rid of square lines and closed-in cubicles in favor of curves and bends. The color and style that cool office furniture adds makes those pieces ideal for a lively office.

Cubicles feel less restricted when they incorporate rounded lines and curves rather than entirely square corners.

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