Coolant Oil

Having a coolant oil mixture can be a serious problem in a car. A coolant oil mixture is what happens when your coolant mixes with the oil. The problem is that small amounts of the coolant can be leaked and cause severe corrosion and damage to engine parts. There are many causes for a car can have a coolant oil mixture.

  • Oil cooler leak
  • The seals have become defective over time from wear and tear
  • The engine may have blown head gaskets or even cracked heads
  • The engine wet side liners may have leaking seals or gaskets
  • The engine block itself may be cracked
  • Accidentally using a container for both products and cross contaminating the two creating a coolant oil mixture.

Detecting a Coolant Oil Mixture in a Car

There are two effective ways to detect a coolant oil mixture.

  • Chemical Test – The chemical test is the most effective way for detecting a coolant oil mixture, this test is done by taking an oil sample and shaking it with chemicals to watch for a color change.
  • Spectro-chemical analysis – The spectro-chemical analysis is a little more advanced but it is used to detect small amounts of glycol.