Coordinating Colors in Living Room

What You'll Need
Curtains or blinds
Carpets or rugs
Accents like cushions, books or ornaments

It is important to coordinate colors in a living room to keep the space looking neat and attractive. When you plan to decorate a room, the first thing to consider is the size of the space. If the room is small, choose lighter colors to give an effect of more space. Darker colors tend to make a room look smaller.

Step 1 – Preparation

Draw up a list of unchangeable objects. These items, such as carpets or upholstered lounge suite, are pricey and tend to form the basis of your room.

Next, make a list of the colors in your carpets and furniture.

Step 2 – Use Basic Paint Color Swatches to Blend Colors Together

Use color swatches to pick out the colors of the carpet and furniture and any other items you can not afford to change. Find a common denominator amongst them, whether blue, green, red or purple. If you have a floral carpet, choose the color that hits you first when you walk in the room. This is the base color.

Step 3 – Choose the Paint Color

For a peaceful room, it is best to choose a lighter shade. For instance, if your main carpet color is red, it would never do to have an green wall. Instead, choose a softer shade of the color of the carpet, like an off-white with a hint of pink that blends with the red. If, however, you have a plain carpet and a floral couch, you would have more of a choice in colors.

Step 4 – Play with Fabrics

You have your basic paint color, your unmovable carpet color and your furniture. Coordinating colors in a living room can create a new idea as far as your chairs and sofa are concerned. If the suite doesn’t match with what you want to achieve, you might like to try the interior decorators trick of throws. Instead of reupholstering the lounge suite, try using throws like blankets and Indian saris. This can bring the room to life. They are easy to wash, and you can change or rotate them whenever you like.

Step 5 – Arrange Your Accents

When coordinating colors in a living room, accents play a very important part. They bring the room to life with your personality. If you are a lover of books, show them off - not as show pieces carefully arranged, but as part of your character. They form part of who you are. Do not make the mistake of carefully arranging them by color or size. A library of books shows people your interests and your tastes.

Cushions on the lounge suite can make a color statement, bringing vibrancy into the room. That potted plant or bowl of flowers can make the statement of loving care of a room.

The room you are creating with your color scheme shows off your personality and it’s not meant to be a show piece but a loving home. Remember that when coordinating colors in a living room.