Coordinating Trim And Wall Color

Wall color is one of the primary ways in which homeowners decorate their homes. Two of the primary components of walls and wall colors include the wall itself and the adjacent trim.

Color Shades

One of the most popular contemporary decorating schemes involves choosing a contrasting but complementary color for trim. For example, a wall might be painted a light taupe color, but the trim around windows, ceiling and the floor might be painted a deeper coffee color. Taupe and coffee are in the same color family of brown, but the difference in shades can create enough contrast to create a contemporary look for the room.

There are also several other methods of coordinating trim and wall color, including staining trim and molding a natural color that complements the overall décor of the room. The effect of staining trim is similar to painting it contrasting complementary color, except it leaves the trim and molding with the appearance of natural wood.