Copper Pipe Flare Fittings: Mistakes to Avoid Copper Pipe Flare Fittings: Mistakes to Avoid

There are many things that can go wrong when you are placing copper pipe flare fittings. Consider the tips below to know what to look out for when working on this project.

Leaky Pipes Between Fittings

If there is a leak between the fittings in the pipes, you might have not screwed the bolt on tight enough. This is common if you’re in a hurry or you are trying not to overtighten the bolt. You want to ensure that the pieces are tightly and evenly connected to prevent further leaks.

Pipes Coming Loose or Going Missing

Sometimes overtightening a bolt or nut can lead to wear on the bolt and on the fitting. The components should be tight, but not too tight that the bolt becomes stripped and worn out.

The pipe might also not have been assembled in the right area or going in the right direction. This can lead to the pipe not being able to fit correctly within the area, falling, cracking or breaking. This can lead to flooding and the pipe not being able to do the job it is meant to. 

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