Copper Pipe Prices vs PEX Pipe Prices

PEX prices are much lower than copper pipe prices. Yet, PEX comes with several advantages. It has a high resistance to corrosion and scale. This contributes towards safer and healthier quality of water. PEX can be integrated with metal and PVC piping for a wider range of applications. This versatility makes it the preferred option for many homeowners. PEX piping also costs much less than copper. Below are 3 factors that help to explain this.


The production process for PEX isn’t as costly as the mining and manufacture of copper. Also, copper ore has a much higher monetary value than PEX. Copper pipes are almost 200 times more resilient than PEX. This adds to the cost of copper piping. Currently, PEX prices are about one-third that of copper.

Fittings and Connections

PEX can be bent to various degrees or stretched into a long run without any stress. Fewer joints are made in PEX piping compared to copper. This results in fewer fittings during installation for PEX. It helps to keep cost on the lower side. Copper, however, requires several fittings due to multiple joints. This adds to the cost of copper piping.


PEX is a highly flexible material and is easy to work with. Installations can be done in less time than copper piping requires. The quick turnaround time helps to make PEX tubing cheaper than copper. Installation of copper piping is, however, more labor-intensive and time consuming. Multiple joints must be soldered together. This adds to the overall costs of copper piping.