Copper Pipe Soldering: 4 Things to Remember Copper Pipe Soldering: 4 Things to Remember

Copper pipe soldering can be an uncomplicated and simple task, even for the novice, if basic rules are followed and efficient tools are used. Here are a few rules and suggestions you should keep in mind:

1 - Heating The Pipe Evenly

When you're using a propane torch to apply heat to a copper pipe joint, don't forget to alternate positions of the flame. Failing to do so could result in your solder not adhering to the joint surface.

2 - Heating The Proper Side of the Joint

Remember that when you're heating a joint that you're soldering, you should touch the solder against the part of the joint opposite from the part you're heating with the torch.

3 - Starting and Adjusting Your Torch Flame

When firing up your butane torch, the center blue cone of the flame should be adjusted so that it's about 1 ¼ inches long from base to tip. Keep in mind that the hottest part of the flame is at its tip.

4 - Positioning Your Solder and Flame

Holding your solder against the coolest part of the pipe as you heat it will ensure that all the joint is heated. This will allow your solder to liquefy and run into the joint.

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