Copper Piping Copper Piping

All too often new construction and remodels use PVC or CPVC piping instead of copper piping. PVC and CPVC piping are cheaper for the initial material cost than copper piping, but that isn’t a good enough reason alone to choose them. 

Why use Copper Piping

Many people have actually steered away from copper piping because of the recent increase in theft of the material. The chances of copper piping being stolen from inside a lived in residence is extremely small, and the theft usually occurs on the job site or from homes that are not occupied. 

Copper piping actually comes with a warranty which other materials do not; often 50 years. If installed properly, you will never have to worry about broken and busted pipes when using copper piping. 

Copper piping is often considered expensive compared to other materials, but this isn’t always the case. When you consider the durability of the material, copper piping is actually a much more economical choice. Copper piping will actually add value to the resell of your home as well.

Copper piping is also the safest material to use. There are no toxic compounds needed to install copper piping making it much more eco-friendly. Copper piping is not combustible and will not let off toxic gases should there ever be a fire, and it is safe to use if an open flame will be anywhere near it. Contaminants will never penetrate the walls of copper piping and harmful bacteria is much less likely to grow inside of it.

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