Copper Roofing Repair: Mistakes to Avoid

A copper roof.

If you are about to repair your copper roofing, then there are some simple mistakes which are a good idea to avoid. Mistakes can cause serious damage to your home. Whether you are doing a small repair or a major refit, good working practice will help you finish the job correctly.

Not Observing Safety

Whenever you do any work on the roof, make sure that your ladder is securely fixed to the roof at a stable point. Don't tie the ladder to the gutter, for example. Look for a chimney post, a piece of the eave, or something else that is strong enough to take your weight.

Not Getting a Match

The worst kind of copper roofing repair is one where the metal pieces don't match. Take a small piece of your roof with you when you go to purchase repair materials, as this can help you to get a good color match.

Not Soldering

As with any other kind of metal repair, you will need to do some soldering. Take a portable soldering iron up with you, and put on the safety gear. Even though you solder the lower patch, you should still add roofing cement in order to create a water-tight seal.