Copper Roofs vs Other Metal Roofs

If you are considering adding metal roofing to your home, you may be torn between choosing copper roofs or some other kind of metal roofing. It is difficult sometimes to decide between the elegance and style of the copper roof, and the more enduring, hard-working features of other kinds of roofing. The final decision often comes down to a matter of choosing the best type of material for your specific needs.

Copper Roofs

Copper roofing materials look great, and provide a solution to areas where there is a lot of heat during the year. While other roofs might keep this heat, and transfer it into your living space, copper roofs will deflect some of this due to their lighter color. On the downside, you will not have the coppery effect on your roof for long, as they will eventually turn green. For the price of a copper roof, you may end up disappointed with the final result.

Metal Roofs

Other types of metal roofs are usually darker, and less suitable for warmer climates. They can often look very sturdy, which can be disappointing to someone who would prefer a more elegant appearance. However, you could add paint to them which would lighten the color, and they are cheaper than copper roofs.