Copper Table Top Maintenance and Care

A copper table top can be an attractive addition to a home dining table or to a coffee table. Maintaining and caring for a copper table top to preserve its beauty and value is important and can be done by using the guidelines below.

Beware of What You Put on your Table top

Although most copper table tops have a protective wax coating, still you should place hot items on trivets and coasters, rather than on the table top surface. Also, you can avoid discoloring a copper table top by placing ferrous metal objects on it, such as candle stick holders and metal pottery.

Limit Exposure to Sunlight

If your table is exposed to direct sunlight, be sure to drawn the curtains or blinds to limit its exposure. Always keep in mind, that a copper table top is likely to fade if placed where it is exposed to direct sunlight.

Cleaning Your Copper Table top

To clean your copper table top, simply dust it on a regular basis. No need clean it with water or a liquid cleaner. Apply a paste wax about twice a year.