Copper vs Aluminum Soffit Vent Copper vs Aluminum Soffit Vent

If you are looking to upgrade the venting in your attic, you may have to decide between aluminum or copper soffit vents. Both are popular choices for attic venting, and this quick guide will give you some basic information on each one.

Aluminum Soffit Vents

Aluminum soffit vents are usually made of durable, light-weight aluminum and will last between 10 and 20 years. Compared to copper or stainless steel soffit vents, they are relatively inexpensive and are a popular choice for homeowners on a budget. Aluminum soffit vents can also be painted to match the color of the home.

Although aluminum soffit vents don't rust, they can corrode in areas where there is a lot of salt in the air. For this reason, they are not a good choice for homes that are close to a beach or seashore.

Copper Soffit Vents

Copper soffit vents are best for homes located close to the sea or for homeowners who want the more appealing and expensive look of copper fixtures. Like aluminum, copper also does not rust. However, copper is much better at resisting the corrosion that can occur on metal surfaces due to saltwater breezes coming in from the seashore.

While the natural look of copper can have more decorative appeal than aluminum, it also requires frequent cleaning in order to avoid the dark brown or green residue that can develop on copper due to oxidization. On the other hand, aluminum soffit vents will usually last upwards of 50 years.

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