Copper vs Plastic Plumbing Pipe

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Plastic plumbing pipe is a good alternative to copper. Many homeowners opt for plastic for various reasons.

Copper pipes have a high durability and resilience. The pipes are fire- and rot-resistant. Once installed, they last years. The high malleability of copper makes it easy to work with. You can bend the pipes, which eliminates the need for fasteners and cuts down on installation costs. However, copper pipes cost much more than plastic. This may hinder acquisition, especially if several pipes are required. Electrochemical reactions can damage copper pipes, which may affect water quality.

Plastic pipes have a smooth interior surface and non-corrosive nature, which yields a high quality of water. The soft and lightweight nature of plastic pipes makes them easy to work with. The lightweight nature also gives the pipes a high resistance to cracks and breakage under pressure. Plastic pipes are chemical-resistant and can’t be damaged by salts, acids, or fertilizers in soils. However, plastic pipes aren’t flame-resistant. Should a fire break out, the pipes would be destroyed. The pipes are generally available in smaller widths which may restrict usage for certain applications.