Corbel Out Corbel Out

A corbel out is an old form of architecture used to support other structures on the wall.  A corbel out is usually built into the wall from stone, but some people hang fake ones on their walls that are made out of wood or plaster. Most people use them on stone fireplaces for the mantel.

  • Decide where you want your mantel to rest while mortaring the stones together for the fireplace and stop about a foot below the place.
  • Pick out two large identical stones to act as a corbel out. They should be rectangular and about twice as long as your wall.
  • Put the two stones in place and continue to build around them, allowing the stones to protrude out from the rest of the fireplace. Make sure that the stones are level and a long stone on top of each corbel to help keep it in place.
  • After the mortar has dried you can put a mantel on top of the stones.

Other Uses for a Corbel Out

Examples of other uses for a corbel out can be seen on many old buildings. Sometimes they are used to support a roof or a large block of stone. Most people prefer to use them as a decorative item in their home.

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