Corded vs. Cordless Reciprocating Saw

One of the tools that can make many projects much easier is the cordless reciprocating saw. This type of saw, also known as the sawz-all, is used to cut through wood, metal, plastic and even small amounts of masonry. It is the perfect all around saw. The corded version has been used for many years, but with the new technologies, cordless reciprocating saws are becoming more popular. 

Better Portability

Working on a project where there isn't any electrical power can be difficult without any cordless tools. With the cordless reciprocating saw you have 18 to 24 volts of power at your fingertips. 

Less Danger when Cutting

One of the problems with the reciprocating saw has always been the danger of cutting the cord while working through some material. Because of the way that the saw is built the cord is always hanging from the rear of the saw. With the cordless version, there is no cord to worry about. 

Limited Power Supply

While the cordless reciprocating saw is convenient when there isn't any power available, the battery source is limiting. Depending on the amount of cutting, of the type of material you are cutting through, the battery can drain fairly quickly. This can be negated by having an extra battery that is charged.