Corian Countertops: Maintenance and Care

Corian countertops are considered by many one of the most beautiful and durable countertops on the market today. They resemble the look of granite, but without any seams. Since they are a man made material, there are some special maintenance and care considerations when you have a Corian countertop.

Some Basic Rules for Care

  • Do not cut on the surface of the countertop. Use a cutting board.
  • Do not place hot pans directly on the counter surface. Place several heating pads on the counter before any heated pan. 
  • Try not to drop any heavy items on it. Corian can get small dents, and nicks, when something heavy is dropped on it, especially on a corner. 

Cleaning Your Corian Countertops
Because Corian can come in several different finishes, the way you clean it will depend on which type of finish you have.

  • Matte Finish And Semi-Gloss - Cleaning is done with hot water and soap. Polish can be used to bring out a shine.
  • High-Gloss Finish - Soap and water will remove stains, but a soft cloth must be used and a mild polish to keep the shine.