Cork Bathroom Flooring: Bathroom Tile Removal Cork Bathroom Flooring: Bathroom Tile Removal

What You'll Need
Protective eye wear
Putty knife

In order to create cork bathroom flooring, you will need to remove the existing tiles from the floor. Tile removal is a fairly simple process and should only take an afternoon to complete.

Step 1 – Remove the Old Tiles

Put on protective eye wear before you begin to prevent any injuries to your eyes from flying tile pieces. Look for any missing tiles or ones that may be somewhat loose. Slip your putty knife under the edge of the loose tile and lift it up. Once the tile is completely loose, remove it from the surface.

Step 2 – Remove Grout

You will have to remove some of the grout if you encounter tiles that are difficult to loosen and remove. Force a screwdriver into the grout line to remove it from the surface. Once the grout has been removed, slip the putty knife under the tiles to loosen them.

Step 3 – Removing Stubborn Grout

If you have grout that is difficult to remove, use a hammer and a chisel to break up the grout. Slide the chisel into the grout line. Tap on the chisel with the hammer until the grout breaks into pieces. Continue this process until all of the stubborn grout and tiles are removed.

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