Cork Flooring Kitchen Maintenance Pointers Cork Flooring Kitchen Maintenance Pointers

A cork flooring kitchen is popular choice for many home owners. Cork flooring requires some special maintenance steps in order to keep it looking brand new.

Preventing Damage

Place rugs over your cork flooring in the high traffic areas of your kitchen including the sink area and the entrance way. Be sure any shoes that are worn outdoors are removed before anyone enters the kitchen space. If you have a table and chairs in your kitchen, attach felt pads to the bottom of the feet of these pieces. This will prevent the table and chairs from scratching the floor when you move them. Clean up spills on the floor as soon as they happen. The cork floor will absorb any liquid that is left on the surface.

Regular Cleaning

Use a broom to remove surface dirt and residue on a daily basis. These particles can scratch your floor. Wash the floors once a week with a damp mop. Fill a bucket with warm water and add some liquid detergent. Immerse the mop into the water. Be sure to squeeze out all of the excess liquid. Do not let any water puddle on the floor. Dry the floors with a cloth.

Re-sealing Application

Apply a sealer to your cork floors once a year. The sealer will keep the floor protected. Be sure to use a product that is designed specifically for cork floors.

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